“The importance of quality, taste and true craftsmanship is evident in the look and feel of King’s Ransom cigars. King’s Ransom are the finest cigars I’ve ever enjoyed. I enjoy them most for moments of celebration or quiet reflection.”


Jason Demers

“Being a serious cigar connoisseur, I am amazed by the entire family of Double Magnifico cigars. They are meticulously hand rolled with an incredible quality control throughout the filler, binder and wrapper process. There is a consistent draw with all the blends and it really does create a three inch ash for the gold leafed cigars. Probably the finest constructed cigar I have ever smoked. This has become my “Go To” cigar when I am enjoying great moments with best friends. “


William E. Corrigan

“When I saw the cigar for the first time, I was excited and honored to smoke my first gold cigar. Hendrik Kelner Jr. just hit a home run with the King’s Ransom cigar brand. I was curious about the taste with a cigar having a gold wrapper. Rich in flavor, good burning, smooth draw and the golden wrapper made it even more sexy to smoke. Truly amazing and well worth the smoke.”


Bob De Goede