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King’s Ransom would like to personally welcome you to the lap of luxury and a cigar experience unlike any other in the world. Every facet of these cigars and their presentation is handcrafted from the finest across the globe. The experience you will derive from these premium, expertly crafted cigars is worth just that: A King’s Ransom.

King’s Ransom’s Double Magnifico has been coined the “Killed the Dragon” cigar. A metaphor for celebrating and savoring an achievement that is as rare and unique as the cigar itself. Treasure the pleasure of that special moment with a prized cigar from King’s Ransom.

Created with the singular goal of extreme premium quality and rare quantity, the Double Magnifico brand was born and created by the master craftsman Hendrik Kelner, Jr. Over two years of blending, tasting, testing and re-blending has resulted in three distinct 8×50 sized ultra-premium cigars denoted into Mild (Suave), Medium (Medio) and Strong (Fuerte) blends.

The specific combination of wrappers, binders, and fillers that make up our proprietary blends are found nowhere else in the world. Not satisfied with tobacco leaves found only to a region, some leaves have been chosen from specific plantations, and even specific fields. Intense attention to detail and the hand of a master perfectionist go into the blend of every cigar. These ultra-premium tobacco leaves come from only the best and limited supply across thirteen different leaf sources from six countries, including the vaunted Dominican Kelner Private Family Reserve.

Our Cigar Blends

Suave (Mild)

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Medio (Medium)

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24k Gold Cigar

Fuerte (Strong)

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Origin of King’s Ransom Cigars

Over a weekly breakfast meeting, two best friends and business partners, Bruce Monroe and Timothy Landrum, began the journey of a lifetime. Coincidentally, both had, in their own lives, each just accomplished the “impossible”. Each had metaphorically killed their own dragon. Each noted in this day and age, more often than not, such moments brushed aside never to be properly recognized or celebrated.

Sitting in their local diner, both agreed to pursue a passion to develop premier cigar blends designed, and presented, like no other cigars in the world. With a hand shake and sketched designs on a napkin, the King’s Ransom brand started on its path to reality.

In order to create a product to rival the most prestigious blends of cigars in the world, the best team needed to be assembled. The foundation of King’s Ransom started with master blender Hendrik Kelner, Jr. A renowned cigar maker working through his Kelner Boutique Factory located in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

King’s Ransom iconic imagery is a metaphor for strength, success and fulfillment of life. Graphic and artistic designer, Juan Carlos Fondeur’s talent at capturing that idea was produced to perfection by label maker, VRIJDAG Premium Printing in the Netherlands.

Our custom designed humidor built specifically, and only for, the Triple Gold Set by Zanwill International Box Factory creates humidor-to-humidor protection to every corner of the world. This proprietary blend of cigars with its presentation and design is the ultimate one-of-kind experience.

We welcome you, the scrutinizing individual, to have one of the rarest and most unique cigar experiences available today.


“The importance of quality, taste and true craftsmanship is evident in the look and feel of King’s Ransom cigars. King’s Ransom are the finest cigars I’ve ever enjoyed. I enjoy them most for moments of celebration or quiet reflection.”


Jason Demers

“Being a serious cigar connoisseur, I am amazed by the entire family of Double Magnifico cigars. They are meticulously hand rolled with an incredible quality control throughout the filler, binder and wrapper process. There is a consistent draw with all the blends and it really does create a three inch ash for the gold leafed cigars. Probably the finest constructed cigar I have ever smoked. This has become my “Go To” cigar when I am enjoying great moments with best friends. “


William E. Corrigan

“When I saw the cigar for the first time, I was excited and honored to smoke my first gold cigar. Hendrik Kelner Jr. just hit a home run with the King’s Ransom cigar brand. I was curious about the taste with a cigar having a gold wrapper. Rich in flavor, good burning, smooth draw and the golden wrapper made it even more sexy to smoke. Truly amazing and well worth the smoke.”


Bob De Goede

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King's Ransom Royalty Club Membership

King’s Ransom premium cigars are of a limited supply and not available by traditional purchase. These elite cigars can only be obtained through an exclusive “invite only” membership into the King’s Ransom Royalty Club or by receiving a Triple Gold Set as a gift from an existing Club Member.

Each handcrafted King’s Ransom cigar blend was carefully chosen after two years of blending, tasting, and testing. Our selections come not just from individual plantations, but also from specific fields to ensure a smoking experience unlike any other. As such, only a limited quantity of King’s Ransom cigars is produced each year.

A King’s Ransom Royalty Club membership ensures only you, and members like yourself, have continued exclusive access to these rare and exceptional cigars. As part of your membership, you will be given an ID and password for use through our private purchase portal.

Just like every part of the King’s Ransom product, each order placed is “handcrafted” by a real person when fulfilled. Every cigar, from bundled leaves, to production, to doorstep delivery, experiences “humidor-to-humidor” care. They are never, at any point, outside of either a humidity-controlled environment or its own personal humidor.

Our goal is exceptional quality, outstanding personal customer service, and a cigar experience unlike any other. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a membership for yourself, or as a gift. A representative of King’s Ransom will reach out to you personally.

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Contact Us

By design, King’s Ransom has limited the annual production of the Triple Gold Sets with the custom designed humidor. Owning a Triple Gold Set assures you exclusive membership into the King’s Ransom Royalty Club and priority access to the limited production of the King’s Ransom blends.

Once a Club Member, you may order Triple Gold Sets for rare personal or corporate gifts thus, in turn, making the recipients Club Members. Also, Club Members can order Triple Gold Set refill boxes or fine-tune their orders into creative combinations of the three blends and 24k gold leafing. Desire fourteen Medio and seven Suave with nine being gold leafed? The answer is “Yes”. Crave twenty-four Fuerte all 24k gold leafed? For Club Members, the answer is “Certainly”. Club Members will always receive 21 cigars and a minimum of three being 24k gold leafed.

If you are interested in being invited into the exclusive King’s Ransom Royalty Club to purchase the Triple Gold Set, then please fill out all the contact information and any special requests or instructions. Perhaps you have received a Triple Gold Set as a gift. Simply complete the requested information and state who the Club Member was that gave you the gift. You will automatically qualify to be a Club Member for future purchases. Your personal OTB Global Enterprise representative will contact you to set up your account. Welcome to the King’s Ransom!

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