Origin of King’s Ransom Cigars

Over a weekly breakfast meeting, two best friends and business partners, Bruce Monroe and Timothy Landrum, began the journey of a lifetime. Coincidentally, both had, in their own lives, each just accomplished the “impossible”. Each had metaphorically killed their own dragon. Each noted in this day and age, more often than not, such moments brushed aside never to be properly recognized or celebrated.

Sitting in their local diner, both agreed to pursue a passion to develop premier cigar blends designed, and presented, like no other cigars in the world. With a hand shake and sketched designs on a napkin, the King’s Ransom brand started on its path to reality.

In order to create a product to rival the most prestigious blends of cigars in the world, the best team needed to be assembled. The foundation of King’s Ransom started with master blender Hendrik Kelner, Jr. A renowned cigar maker working through his Kelner Boutique Factory located in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

King’s Ransom iconic imagery is a metaphor for strength, success and fulfillment of life. Graphic and artistic designer, Juan Carlos Fondeur’s talent at capturing that idea was produced to perfection by label maker, VRIJDAG Premium Printing in the Netherlands.

Our custom designed humidor built specifically, and only for, the Triple Gold Set by Zanwill International Box Factory creates humidor-to-humidor protection to every corner of the world. This proprietary blend of cigars with its presentation and design is the ultimate one-of-kind experience.

We welcome you, the scrutinizing individual, to have one of the rarest and most unique cigar experiences available today.