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By design, King’s Ransom has limited the annual production of the Triple Gold Sets with the custom designed humidor. Owning a Triple Gold Set assures you exclusive membership into the King’s Ransom Royalty Club and priority access to the limited production of the King’s Ransom blends.

Once a Club Member, you may order Triple Gold Sets for rare personal or corporate gifts thus, in turn, making the recipients Club Members. Also, Club Members can order Triple Gold Set refill boxes or fine-tune their orders into creative combinations of the three blends and 24k gold leafing. Desire fourteen Medio and seven Suave with nine being gold leafed? The answer is “Yes”. Crave twenty-four Fuerte all 24k gold leafed? For Club Members, the answer is “Certainly”. Club Members will always receive 21 cigars and a minimum of three being 24k gold leafed.

If you are interested in being invited into the exclusive King’s Ransom Royalty Club to purchase the Triple Gold Set, then please fill out all the contact information and any special requests or instructions. Perhaps you have received a Triple Gold Set as a gift. Simply complete the requested information and state who the Club Member was that gave you the gift. You will automatically qualify to be a Club Member for future purchases. Your personal OTB Global Enterprise representative will contact you to set up your account. Welcome to the King’s Ransom!

Business Hours: Monday – Friday    8 am to 5 pm AST
Phone:   +1 246-228-4400

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