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King's Ransom Royalty Club Membership

King’s Ransom premium cigars are of a limited supply and not available by traditional purchase. These elite cigars can only be obtained through an exclusive “invite only” membership into the King’s Ransom Royalty Club or by receiving a Triple Gold Set as a gift from an existing Club Member.

Each handcrafted King’s Ransom cigar blend was carefully chosen after two years of blending, tasting, and testing. Our selections come not just from individual plantations, but also from specific fields to ensure a smoking experience unlike any other. As such, only a limited quantity of King’s Ransom cigars is produced each year.

A King’s Ransom Royalty Club membership ensures only you, and members like yourself, have continued exclusive access to these rare and exceptional cigars. As part of your membership, you will be given an ID and password for use through our private purchase portal.

Just like every part of the King’s Ransom product, each order placed is “handcrafted” by a real person when fulfilled. Every cigar, from bundled leaves, to production, to doorstep delivery, experiences “humidor-to-humidor” care. They are never, at any point, outside of either a humidity-controlled environment or its own personal humidor.

Our goal is exceptional quality, outstanding personal customer service, and a cigar experience unlike any other. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a membership for yourself, or as a gift. A representative of King’s Ransom will reach out to you personally.

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